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Our Instructors

ContempraDance School consists of professional dance educators and performers experienced in every aspect of dance. Each member is unique to their approach to teaching while sharing their expertise in a very nurturing and caring environment. Our classes are:
  • Pre-Dance — Gail, Jenn, Tia, Daria
  • Ballet — Jerzy, Jenn, Tia, Daria
  • Pointe — Jenn, Jerzy, Daria
  • Jazz — Gail, Jenn, Tia, Bilal, Daria
  • Funk — Gail, Tia
  • Hip Hop — Andreas (Dre), Gail, Tia
  • Lil’ Princess Creative Dance — Jenn
  • Modern / Lyrical — Gail, Bilal, Tia, Daria
  • Tap — Charla (Tweety)

375 West Lancaster Ave, Strafford Shopping Center
Wayne, PA 19087