A Hot Summer’s Night
Depicts an era with energetic dancing and celebrating good times set to the music of jazz legend Charles Mingus.

Breakin Away
Attempting to separate oneself from unfortunate circumstances.

Time Dance
This energetic work depicts the history of dance and music throughout time and the impact each have had on society in different eras.

A visually spectacular multimedia work integrating dancers, video, photography, and original music by Autovon and Kevin Olinik from Divine Loraine, choreography by Gail Vartanian, visual artist Jen Mazer and lighting/set designer Madison Cario. This piece takes you on a wild and bizarre journey through life with spectacular video footage, set designs, eclectic music and choreography.

Into One
This is about 2 people searching deep into their souls in attempt to find one another.

Twas the Nite the SugaPlum Crak-ed
A hilarious holiday dance spoof about the rapping SugaPlum Fairy and the Grincher.

Whispering Echoes
Whispering echoes is a duet depicting fierce unbridled love and passion.

We Used To Watch The Night
Original music composed and performed live by Divine Loraine. This piece takes you through a journey of the world of the unknown beginning with the playful, calm and beautiful world as we see it and then through the stormy times of turmoil, realization, acceptance and relief.

Henry & Me
A playful interpertation of a woman trying to find her true love in life….Henry.

An electrifying portrayal of a person disengaged from the world and reconnects through people’s psyche.

An original and hilarious dance spoof with a unique twist on the holiday favorite, the Nutcracker. It combines comedy, hip hop, jazz, modern and ballet and is filled with references to local Philadelphia places, personalities, foods and skylines.

Beyond Words
This is a unique Interpretation of 4 paintings by artist Patricia Shaps and choreographer, Gail Vartanian. It expresses the relationship between dancers and artwork. Each painting represents various emotions.

Night Dreams
A mysterious expression of ones thoughts and movements in sleep.


Exotic Birds
An exhuberant jazz dance showcasing various birds contesting their once defined territories.


Within My Soul
A dramatic depiction of a woman’s struggle to come to terms with her relationships.


Variation Of Blues
A sensual and playful depiction of a journey through the world of the blues.

Crash Course
A wild and crazy transformation of the idiosyncrasies and strangeness of city movement.


A twisted tribute to that famous closet dilemma and our attempts at untangling.

A piece that depicts the evolution of woman and the celebration of life.


A intense portrayal of a womans fear, joy and passions.